This website is dedicated to re-defining what it means to live a conscious life. Whether we are buying ethically made clothes or doing the internal anti-bias work, we need to raise conscious children and leave a better world behind. 
I began this website after having created two previous sites, the first one was "Mommy in Milwaukee" where I blogged for four years and focused on life and style, but I deactivated it once I returned to graduate school. The second website was solely focused on all of my academic work. Something remarkable happened last year around the time of my 34th birthday and the winter solstice moon that followed, however, when I received a revelation to build a website merging my two previous sites. I knew it was the right step for me, and that is how this website came to be! 
Conscious living goes beyond becoming aware of how we consume and what ethical brands we wear, it is also about finding ways to connect as humans rather than divide further apart. A mentality based on scarcity fears the liberation of everyone and perpetuates oppression because it cannot imagine a world where there is space for all of us. I am so excited to share my joy and magic with you all! Thank you for following along whether you're a new reader or one that has been around since my Mommy in Milwaukee days! Abrazos, Keila

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