Okay, let's try this again!

Our stunning new curtains were custom-made by Diana over at Greenfield Stitchery!

It's 2022, and I have found myself missing this space. A space that took many years to cultivate and make my own. These past two years have been incredibly unexpected globally and for many of us personally too. This time has also opened me up in a way that I've never experienced before. In part because I've never had the opportunity to slow down in the way that I have, and that's allowed me to heal trauma that I was not able to reach within me before.

As the elder millennial that I am, I joined Tiktok on a whim for my 36th birthday in 2020. And as it turns out, it allowed me to grow a platform for both my small business and now my personal stories, experience and home. It is because of TikTok that I decided to share on my blog again! 

 I have given myself permission to be vulnerable; to learn and accept help from others. Rather than dig deep for answers from an empty well. That need to do it all alone? A reflection of moments in my childhood and adolescence where that was the expectation of me. With all of that has come a desire to share my healing work. Those stories that I touched on briefly on my old Instagram account and here too. 

But I'll keep this first post back short and sweet ;) And hope you enjoy the first tour of our home decorated for Christmas.  If you'd like to see more video content of our decor, I shared a variety on both my Tiktok (keila_vida) and Instagram here!

Here's to trying things again! Happy 2022 and looking forward to sharing more.

abrazos, Keila 

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