kitchen garden: nasturtiums

I've dreamt of having my own kitchen garden for many years now, but it was never a possibility in our previous homes. Between apartments with awful lighting and a small cottage that I filled to the brim with an indoor garden of house plants, it never worked out. But caring for all of those indoor plants was a wonderful experience before caring for what we have now. I'll be sharing a post with before's and after's of the garden, even if it isn't quite at the after yet! We've been overhauling the kitchen garden space since we moved in because it had been neglected for many years. Although the rest of the landscaping was well taken care of, it seems like the kitchen garden was not a priority and it was kind of a mess but more about our process in a later post. It is a really large space, about 1500 sq feet, which is as big as our previous cottage home that we leased! Although it has been a long + hard process, I'm so grateful we already had this huge foundation available for us to build on.

In this story, I'm wearing this flowy shirtdress from Aura the Label that has been a fun addition to my wardrobe! I've been rebuilding my wardrobe for the past several years and being more mindful about what I add or take out. I realized a little while ago that I didn't own any shirtdresses any longer! I know right?! I feel like they're totally up my alley as they are so versatile, and I'm all about wearing garments more than one way! They can be worn buttoned or partially open as in these photos. I've been loving adding a flow set of pants underneath. These are from one my favorite designers Mara Hoffman, you can shop similar pants in her shop here . You can shop my rings from the cutest local shop Orange and Blue Co., they also have an incredible brunch spot that we can't recommend enough! 

Last year while one of my dear friends (who comes from a long line of gardeners and has been gardening for many years herself) gave me a tour of her gardens via Marco Polo, she recommended that I grow nasturtiums because of the way they thrive even in dry soil! Basically, they’re the kind of crops that do well even if I ignored them, which was a definite plus for me as a newbie gardener lol So when they seemed to not have bloomed yet, I was so bummed I messed this one up! I ended up reaching out to that same friend and she gave me the best news, she thought that they would bloom but just a little later. And bloomed they did! They’re popping up everywhere now and I couldn’t be more excited to use them in salads and summer drinks 🥰🍹 

Wishing you all an amazing week ahead!
xx Keila 

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