mixing up old clothes!

If you've been following along on my Instagram, then you know that I've had a few exciting announcements! I began natural dyeing a couple of months ago after a friend mentioned it to me as an alternative to regular toxic dyes. I began researching how to do it and immediately fell in love! Natural dyeing is such a beautiful way to connect with nature, reuse and reduce waste while treating our bodies with love. Natural dyes are safe for us and the environment. So, I began making things like scrunchies and tops, while using avocado pits to dye them! The result has been the most gorgeous shades of pink and peach, while it's allowed me to fine-tune my sewing skills. I decided that it was time to share my creations with you all and will begin to sell them soon. I am working with natural organic fibers and so are the fruits and vegetables I work with.  I'm still ironing out the details to create less waste and remain sustainable but will be sure to update on all of my platforms. Which reminds me, if you want to stay up-to-date with my posts make sure to subscribe via my pop-up window or the sidebar on my website! Or you can bookmark my blog on your computer too 😆

I’m also having so much fun breathing new life into old clothes that I’ve owned for years. These pants used to be my fave pair of long wide-leg trousers but after an unfortunate incident in the dryer that left holes on the bottom half 😫 I had to cut and hem them. I love how they’re now a completely different pair of pants, still in my closet and not a landfill! Button-downs have been a fave of mine for years because of nursing and styling them with rolled sleeves and a belt gives them a whole different vibe. My shoes are from the Real Real, which is an amazing site where you can buy luxury consignment items, another great way to remian sustainable and low waste. My bag is from local vintage shop La Paloma Vintage, and you can shop their brick and mortar shop at the Botanica Galactica ! If you want a similar bright warm tone top check these ethical and sustainable brands out here, here here and here. I love these similar cropped wide leg trousers from Everlane too!

Wishing you all a great rest of your week 💗


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