strawberry picking & summer fun list!

Last Friday we were able to go strawberry picking with some friends and it was so much fun! However, we somehow managed to look way more put together in these pics than the reality 😂 It was so crazy hot that day and we weren't able to beat the heat since we were all delayed that morning. By the time we got there the sun was high in the sky and it was humid. We had sunscreen and lots of water though so we were excited to start picking! We met at Basse's Farm  and that place is everything you'd imagine a country strawberry picking experience to be! We rode a huge tractor up to the fields and then were left to pick a specific spot. One tip if you're going with little one's like ours try to go earlier in the day because by the time we got there it was a rough start. Cristian had just woken up from a small nap in the car and he's kind of a little bear after naps and he hadn't fully shaken it all off by the time we were dropped off. It all worked out once he saw that he could actually eat all of the strawberries he wanted haha I'm so thankful for our friends who were so incredibly helpful since I was flying solo and it's always great to have an extra set of hands! I can't wait to go back for pea and raspberry picking!

I was asked by a few of you to share some summer fun ideas and I wanted to share a few spots we frequent and also hope to visit this summer! There are so many great summer fun lists out there like Calie's over at Miltown Moms  and I definitely recommend checking out here weekend lists too 😎 

Splash Pads (free!)

Hart Park splash pad- this is a fantastic spot and it's a well-kept secret! I can't find any direct link to it online but you can't miss it. It's located on the other side of the bleachers here's some info of what it looks like! 
Enderis Park splash pad (this is in the center of a quiet neighborhood in Milwaukee)
Jacobus Park- this park is not only great for hiking as a family & it also has a little splash pond!

Hiking (mostly parking fee)

Wehr Nature Center- we love hiking this park! It's a long trail but parts of it are doable with little one's. And it's especially spectacular in the Fall 😍

Schlitz Audobon - make this a day trip!

Urban Ecology Center
Beach Day (free!)

Harrington Beach - this is at the top of our beach list this year with its clean beaches and hiking trails it's a must visit just about 30 mn away from the city!
Klode Park Beach- beauty abounds!
Pewaukee Beach- currently closed but check back throughout summer!
Bradford Beach- it gets really crazy busy here but it's in our downtown and lots of fun!
Door County-
I'm hoping to plan a weekend visit here this summer and if you haven't ventured out to this part of Wisconsin- it is beautiful and there's so much to do! 

And of course what summer fun lists is complete without a trip to the Wisconsin State Fair !?

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