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Today's post is sponsored by Gugu Guru. Thank you for supporting brands that make Mommy in Milwaukee possible. All opinions are my own.
I hope you all had a great weekend! The internet has been all a buzz about the new Instagram update that allows users to share their 'stories' which are videos/pictures of their day that disappear within 24 hours. I've decided to use both my Snap Chat (@MommyinMKE) and my Instastory as I sort through the content I will be sharing with you all on each of them. If you saw yesterday's story then you saw a little behind-the-scenes of today's post! I had to share a sneak peak because I'm so excited to talk more about this very useful and helpful site for momma's-to-be! 
Gugu Guru- is a new baby registry website that makes unbiased, highly personalized product recommendations based not only on your unique lifestyle but also your personal style. How fun and genius is that ?! I created a profile to experience the site for myself and I have to say that the results were spot-on. At the beginning you take a quiz that asks questions about your personal style, kids style, and other details that help sort through thousands of products and create a registry hand-tailored for you. I found it so helpful and it really takes the guess work out of choosing between so many baby products that are currently out on the market. 

I also appreciated that each product that was recommended had all or the majority of the specifications I chose on the online style quiz. It would ask me questions like, " How are you planning to feed your baby?" I would choose 'breastfeeding' then it would recommend nursing-specific products that would be helpful for me. The site takes into consideration your different lifestyle preferences, budget and it makes it easier for momma's to navigate through everything they need in a fun way. In addition, I discovered a few brands/items that I hadn't heard of and that was an added bonus for me. It was also useful that it not only recommended one product but various at different price points. It really made it easy for me to find everything I would need with a little one on the way. If you're momma-to-be and need some guidance as you prepare for the arrival of your bebe Gugu Guru is the perfect place to start! 

The site was really easy to use and I keep wishing it was around when I had to register for the first time! I hope you hop on over and check it out for yourself. I'm certain that you'll find it helpful!

My nursing pillow is from Bebe AuLait c/o and my co-sleeper is an Arm's Reach Co-sleeper. 

Wishing you a great week ahead!

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