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embroidered fringe dress via Shop Versona c/o | black platform sandals via Target | 'Lily' baby bag via NewlieCo c/o | black fedora via Target 

Happy May! I hope it's off to a wonderful start for you. It's been busy over here and getting really exciting! I'm passed the 35 week of pregnancy and already down to weekly visits. Little miss is pushing 6 lbs and I'm definitely feeling all those aches and pains of the last weeks of pregnancy! It's crazy how much of the discomfort I forgot haha! But all in all I am so thankful to be this far along and I can't wait to meet our sweet girl. I usually update more frequently on Snap Chat because it's so easy to talk on the app (my username there is @MommyinMKE) Also, thank you to all of you that send me suggestions, messages, comments, dm's- I really appreciate them! I am a lot slower at responding these days but please know that I read and appreciate every one of your kind words!

This past week Shop Versona opened up it's first store in Wisconsin here in the Milwaukee area! I had already seen some of their items online but when I went to visit the store I was blown away by the huge selection and gorgeous items they have. You guys that place is what my boho dreams were made of. Since my bump is large and in charge right now I stuck with a lot of their flowly dresses and skirts to try on. This dress is non-maternity but the empire waist and extra fabric make it perfect for pregnancy (I bought it in size small). I know I've mentioned this before but I don't like buying a ton of maternity items because they do not work as well postpartum. I love items that can work throughout all the stages and this dress does just that! They are also very affordable and offer really great quality. I cannot wait to visit again and get some nursing-friendly items- they have so much to choose from! 

In the next few weeks as our baby girl's due date approaches I'm not sure how often I'll be updating on the blog. I know that with Instagram and Snap Chat it's a lot easier for me to post a quick update and stay connected with all of you so I'll probably stick to those more frequently. However, I'm trying to take it all day-by-day as we continue to move this month to our new home (btw cannot wait to share more pics with you guys!) I just want to be sure to give myself time with everything. Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and continued support- I love you guys! 

Wishing you a good one! 


  1. So adorable!! you find the cutest stuff!! Im so worried about ordering things online.. May need to give this dress a try i have a function coming up at the end of may this would be super cute... I just checked they only have a small left, so i contacted them to see if more will be in stock. thanks for sharing with us...

    1. thank you so much for the super kind comment! I feel the same way sometimes with online shopping too! This dress has a lot of extra which is why it works great with my big bump haha! But I def understand about ordering in a size you feel comfortable in :) I hope you have a great event!

  2. You are such a gorgeous momma! You're little one will be here before you know it - so exciting!!