You Lingerie: beautiful nursing undergarments

I feel like underwear/bras aren't something we talk about often but it's so important! We wear it every day and it's the first thing we put on before we wear our clothes. And once you add breastfeeding to the mix it's an entirely different story since everything isn't quite the same. Not only are you learning how to feed your baby but somewhere in between all of the changes you're trying to still feel like a semblance of your old self.

As a mother of two boys that has breastfed each one I cannot recommend a good nursing bra enough. For me it made all the difference! I was recently asked by You Lingerie to review their new line of nursing bra's and sleepwear. I said yes right away because I love being able to find nursing wear that is both affordable, comfortable and these are (b o n u s) very stylish. I was happily surprised with how beautiful these are! All of the nursing bras that I've purchased in the past look nothing like this and also didn't make me feel as fabulous as these do. It's amazing what a well-fitting and lacey bra can do to one's mood :)

These bra's are also comfortable and that really helps immensely especially when you're trying to clip them off quickly! 

The sleep chemise is also nursing-friendly and how cute is that bow?! I absolutely love these items and can't wait to get more use out of them! If you're looking for beautiful, affordable and comfortable nursing-friendly undergarments I recommend these. And I hope you end up loving them as much as I do!

Love XOXO by You Lingerie c/o via Wal Mart

Wishing you a great rest of your week ahead!


  1. Thought I was going to see a huge price tag on these.. Excited to see they are not super pricey! So pretty! I will definitely be looking into these!! Xo

  2. Awesome product !! I got mine.