life update

Hey, guys! I hope you're having a great week. It's been pretty quiet over here these past few days because it's just been so busy with B doing his last shifts of overnight's in the ICU, planning our move and all things mom life haha that I haven't been able to photograph any outfits or sit down and write. If you follow me on Snap Chat you have seen how crazy our days can get and then B wakes up after a 28 hr and the last thing I want to ask is please take some pics of me! Basically, it's the last thing on my mind when all I want to do is spend time with him and all of us as a family. And here's the thing he would totally do it for me as well but sometimes I just accept the flow of life and stop pushing things that just don't quite fit at the moment. I love to blog, share looks and I've had so much more momentum here (which I love!) but on weeks like this week I just need a little time away. I'm so thrilled for what's to come for us and the changes that our family is going through! Little miss is getting more and more active every day and I'm getting more and more excited to meet her!

At this point I want to make sure that I stay grounded not only for my own health but for the health of our growing family unit. It's amazing how my attitude and health affects everyone. If I'm not well then it trickles down and we all feel it. A lot of times I've thought and wondered about how much has happened in these past five years. It's a lot! I was in graduate school pursing my dual-degree, then I quit to move here to Milwaukee to be with B (because long-distance marriage no matter how many times we saw each other was just not in the books for us). Worked full-time in Pediatric Genetics (an area I had no clue about) and learned immensely while growing as a person professionally. Then to expecting Gabriel (who will be 3 next month) and you all know the rest by now or at least those bits that I've shared. It all can get so overwhelming with the changes and the many surprises that come with life.

One of the things that I admire most about my mother is that regardless of the changes she's experienced in this life, she has bloomed where she was planted. And I think a lot about examples like the book of Esther and how she rose to the occasion for, "such a time as this." I would have never thought that I'd still be blogging a little over two years. I started this space to have something creative outside of being a stay-at-home-momma and it's really unlike me to stick with things (haha just being honest here!) But I'm so glad that I have. I believe that through our lives we can allow God to fulfill his purpose in us. Even when at the time it all seems so random and jumbled! But in opening our hearts and lives we allow that space of transformation and blooming to happen in whatever stage we are in. I've found that the more business, challenges, time away from B, and more of our everyday adventures that happen, my desire to draw closer to God and incline on grace overwhelms me and keeps me at peace. So all of this to say (hehe) that I pray that though our daily life is full of small challenges, bright moments and unexpected changes we may reach closer and deeper in our faith because of it. 

Wishing you an amazing Easter weekend from our growing family to yours!