we're expecting!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that... we are expecting our third sweet bebe at the end of May! We are so thrilled and grateful to be able to have another little one on the way. It has been a kind of crazy few months and I wrote a little bit about it on my picture caption on Instagram:

"We heard our baby's heartbeat again today and nothing can beat that sweet sweet sound! We've had a challenging few months since we found out we were expecting. Early on we were told that this pregnancy 'could go either way' and to be very cautious with our optimism. When we were faced with those odds- I grieved. I was so frightened, depressed and the possibility of loss was very real. Somewhere between weeks 8 and 9 when I was still experiencing heavy symptoms I had to stop myself and TRUST that regardless of the outcome I would have peace. It's an interesting thing about fear and trust in that both are so powerful in their ability to transform our lives. And trusting God not only allows room for peace but it takes control out of our hands. That is both liberating and extremely difficult to do. The gut-wrenching reality is that with any pregnancy we do not know the outcome. But we continue to love, live and have children because we have a hope intrinsically within us that believes in the beauty, joy and possibility of life! We may not know what the future holds but today we have our now and hopeful wishes of a baby that will be in our arms. We are due at the end of May and couldn't be more grateful!"

This might explain my sporadic posts in the past few weeks! And the truth is that I was very sick and exhausted. I decided to take some time to focus on my well-being and take it as easy as I could. As much as I love blogging it requires a lot of planning, focus and time from my part. All of which I was lacking very much of! And who am I kidding the time part is something that I continue to work on.

I'm excited to be feeling much more energized in the past few days! I also have a renewed passion for why I started this little blog in the first place. I'm really looking forward to sharing it all with you guys. I've got a few new series as well as features and my goal is for all of you to come and expect these as a part of this space!

Thank you so much for your continued support- it truly means so much to me! 


  1. congratulations on the big baby news! im so happy for you and your family! xo jillian - cornflake dreams