4 Gifts 2015- Changing the way you gift. WANT & a Giveaway!


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! This weekend we celebrated Cristian's first birthday (that's officially today!). It was so wonderful to be with family and I can't wait to share a separate post and pics soon! For today I'm so excited to share a really fun way that we are choosing to gift this year for Christmas. A few days ago my local momma friend and blogger Alyson shared how she and her family buy gifts for each other during the Holidays, and I thought it was brilliant. They use the 4 Gifts rule. 4 Gifts is all about cutting down on gifting and giving gifts that someone truly wants or needs. There are four categories (need, want, wear, read) and you shop from each category!
I have to say that this was a bit tough for me to do! Not because we've gone overboard in the past but because our Christmas often looks so different because of B's schedule. Therefore, a lot of our holidays are celebrated on different days and we often buy our gifts throughout the year. Gasp! When it comes to gifts for each other if either of us want something specific we buy it whenever. For the boys we usually buy things closer to Christmas and take them out as the Holidays approaches. I know it sounds so wonky (and really not magical or heartwarming as I write it all out) but because we are never sure if we'll be celebrating these holidays on their respective dates-we just have to make it work. I promise you guys we are not scrooges! 

 In the past two years this has also been the only time that B has had time off so we take advantage to travel to be with family, where we end up doing a gift exchange with cousins. Then usually celebrating with the rest of our family on New Year's with gifts and stockings. However, this year I thought even if we aren't able to celebrate Christmas at home (not sure if B's schedule yet) we should make an effort to have presents under the tree and open them on a specific day! And what's even more wild is that if you have been following us for a while you know that I go crazy when it comes to decorating! And I am truly all about the Christmas spirit. This is my favorite time of year!

Now that Gabriel is two and he's starting to notice everything around us is all about Christmas I think it'll be especially important to start a tradition from home. So this really is perfect because I was forced to think of things to have on Christmas Day (or there abouts ;) )
Now the fun part! I've connected with 10 other bloggers and we will be sharing our 3 other categories every Thursday to bring you the 4 Gifts Christmas Blog Series and Giveaway! Hopefully our lists will help give you all some ideas of what to gift your own family. Scroll down to the bottom to enter via Rafflecopter! 

Here are our wants lists!: 

1. Sigma Brush Set: Sigma | 2.Leopard heels/flats: Chinese Laundry| 3.Joy Bound Clutch: Joy Bound Apparel| 4.Gold Swell Bottle: Nordstroms | 5. Red Hunter Boots: Costco (huge discount for members!)
1. Ralph Lauren leather briefcase: Macy's | 2. Nikon Lense: Arts Camera Plus: 3. Burberry Watch: Burberry| 4.Shaving kit: The Art of Shaving

1. Sand Backpack Set: Target| 2.T-Rex; Here| 3.Wooden Tool-set : Magic Cabin|4. wooden train-set : Amazon|  5.Water Table: Target | wooden toss-rings | Etsy

Christmas Giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

$165 Target Gift Card || $25 World Market Gift Card || Lace Arm Warmers - Forgotten Cotton || Personalized Cutting Board (9x12") - Laserworkz || Gypsy Dreamcatcher Necklace - Gypsies Box Jewelry || $30 Credit for Keep Collective with Kassie || Adult Coloring Book - This Girl's Doodles

Happy shopping!