8 months postpartum

It's hard to believe that it's been 8 months (and a few days) since Cristian was born! And at the same time it has been 8 months! I'm always surprised when I hit another month of being a momma of two boys. I've experienced a few changes this past month, and Cristian has changed so much that I've almost lost count with everything that's been happening. So I'll jump right in!


When I was breastfeeding Gabriel I started seeing the huge impact on my weight at about 8-9 months. This past month I started experiencing those same changes. Weight loss because of breastfeeding is not something that every nursing momma experiences, but after nursing both boys this long I know that I am one of those momma's that are able to obtain those benefits. Which I'm super happy, and thankful for because at about this time I always start feeling what I like to call nursing fatigue. Where I know it's still really great to be able to nurse Cristian, but at the same time I am feeling tired of doing it all the time. 

However, in the past week he really turned a corner with eating food. Sometimes, I can't give him food fast enough! He's been eating everything we eat, and I've been doing a modified version of baby-led-weaning. It's modified because at times I feed him pouches of organic fruits and veggies. I also help him eat with a spoon. I am always worried he doesn't eat enough. Which clearly is not a problem for him! Hehe! Overall, I am feeling a lot more energized and even though Cristian's sleeping pattern has been all over the place (he is getting two more top teeth at the same time!) I am able to rest for 4 hours at a time most nights. I'm still trying to get my Bikram practice in at least once a week  and that's also helped with mindfulness throughout my week and physical strength. 


Motherhood can be an emotional roller-coaster most days! But I was telling B yesterday (on our 4th Anniversary) how much better I feel now than when Cristian was only 4 months old. And it makes sense because that was Match time and possible moving etc. I am feeling more balanced now than I did at 7 months as well. Also, finding a stride with a schedule with the boys has played a huge role with finding balance. I  began making YouTube videos (as you guys probably know by now) and I am loving every second! It's been a fun way to share more of motherhood with all of you in a different way. My latest video is about my daily schedule and I can honestly say that emotionally I feel strengthened because I am actively taking control of our days. Which in turn, strengthens me spiritually as I believe that all of these things are intrinsically linked. I hope you momma's reading this are making some time for your selves to breathe, to exercise and voice to your partners or team in raising your children what you need to help you move in the right direction. You deserve that now more than ever. 


This past month has been so busy for me! It's been great to meet several new moms in the area as well as begin a few different campaigns for the blog. I am so excited about sharing all of them with you all! It is going to be pretty busy around here but I am so thankful that my blog readership and connections are growing now more than ever before. Needless to say, I am starting to struggle with finding balance while Cristian's sleep schedule is not solid and I still have to be a momma to two  boys 24-7. I often have to answer emails every few days and inevitably I have a few emails fall through the cracks. However, I'm trying hard to make it work and find that balance while blogging is becoming a bigger part of my life. Also, as it becomes more of a part-time job. I would love to hear any ideas of how you work-at-home and working momma's find balance with work and being a mother?!

Well that about wraps it up for this month! Wishing you a great rest of your week!

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