intern year

B recently received his residency schedule for his first year also known as 'intern' year. Intern year varies from program to program but the majority are similar in that resident's rotate to varying departments to learn more about the management of patient's in different levels of acuity. Basically, he's working all over the place but isn't being trained solely as an Anesthesiologist until next year. Also, it's considered hell year. So we are trying to soak up these last few days before he starts at the end of the month.

I've been told by a few of my physician friends and significant others of physicians that intern year was the toughest. I try not to become apprehensive about it but I do appreciate the feedback in order for me to become mentally prepared.

 As with anyone married to someone in a high-stakes profession I worry about a lot of things. I worry about my husband's overall well-being as he deals with people  in life or death situations while making decisions right on the spot. I worry about the communication in our relationship as we walk into another season that will require more on our part to reach out and become more intentional about our time together. I worry about his relationship with the boys and whether or not he'll have enough time with them and for them. And even with all these worries I have this hope and faith in my heart that everything is going to be okay. 

I don't think I'm shedding light on something revolutionary here but marriage and maintaining a healthy family dynamic is hard work. It doesn't just happen. It does help if you have both parties ready, willing and loving toward each other. But even under those circumstances there are always challenges that arise. I feel very fortunate to have found some one who values me and everything that I do. His love and support throughout the busiest and craziest times is what encourages me in every way. 

I am not looking forward to his 13 hour days or his work weeks that have been capped off at 80 hours for safety. But I am looking forward to those days he has off, the times where I can bring the boys over and have a quick lunch or dinner at the hospital. I'm looking forward to the times I know he'll come home and share a story of how he felt he made a difference in someone's life. I'm lookingforward to adventuring with the boys in our city, finding creative ways to keep busy and enjoy what we have. Those are the moments that will stand out for me and for us. 

So here's to intern year, the business, the craziness and ultimately the joy of being stretched out of our comfort zones and drawing closer together as a familia!