Door County part 1

We arrived yesterday to Milwaukee after a little family vacation! It feels good to be back but I'm missing that place already! When we decided to take a little getaway  before B started his residency we threw around a few ideas. First, we thought about flying to California because it's one of our favorite places to visit. Then we thought about Puerto Rico (where my family is from) but after discussing the timing and overall bang for our buck we decided to make it a vacation within Wisconsin. Although we'd love to visit those places with the boys in the future we figure we would all enjoy it more once they are older and can engage more in outdoor activities. Once we narrowed down the state B immediately mentioned Door County. I'd never been to the area but had heard wonderful things about it. I'm a huge fan of Wisconsin but before this trip I was kind of clueless of how much Wisco has to offer. It is truly stunning!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw quite a bit of overgraming on my part, hehe! But it was great to read a lot of your experiences in the area and recommendations! We were able to check off quite a few items on our list and the best part was that there is so much to do in DC that every day was something new. Even better was that since we are only a few hours away we all still had energy once we arrived and unpacked. I cannot recommend enough where we stayed during our trip to DC. I had a few of you ask me about it and I thought it'd be a good idea to do a specific post since I have so many pics! Also, I'm working on a post specifically for places we visited. Otherwise, this post would be way too long lol! 

I did a little researching and found out about the Bayshore Inn online and via reviews. When we arrived B and I looked at each other and were like, "Where are we?!" It is truly that peaceful and breathtaking up there. Also, a plus is the ride over! We took the more scenic route and had views of the shoreline all the way up.

The grounds are gorgeous and so well cared for. The owner's maintain the area and keep everthing in pristine condition. Every night we had the most spectacular sunset and it was a great place to return to after a busy day of exploring. 

The grounds also have lilac bushes in almost every corner. Since they are about a few weeks behind in season when we arrived the bushes were in full bloom. Every morning we woke up to the scent coming through our windows. 

We were able to play on the beach and skip some rocks as well. The dock is absolutely stunning and where we spent most of our evenings. You can swim on the beach as well but it was still a bit cold for us and the boys. We opted for the indoor pool although they have an outdoor one too. Eventually when we visit again we'll be able to take the boys kayaking. But for now we were happy being able to just splash around.

We cannot wait to visit again and take in the sunset from that side of Wisconsin. I am so happy and thankful that we were able to spend this time up there and have that time away before things get so busy with residency. 

I think making it a staycation with the boys turned out to be the best idea for us. If you or your family are thinking about a little staycation I definitely recommend Door County! It is such a gem and we are so lucky to have a place like this in our state!