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This week has been full of teething and lots of learning new ways to have Gabriel stay in his room for bedtime. Cristian is such a happy little camper and although I know he's in pain he still manages to smile at us. He's also not a fan of teething toys but instead chews on his finger or ours! He's such a cute little muffin and is going through growth spurts daily. He's the same size/weight as Gabriel when he was close to ten months! I think he will outgrow his big brother very soon. Every day I just can't believe that he is getting so big. It really does seem like I just had him and he was this tiny little baby on my chest.

Ever since Gabriel turned about 14 months we started a bedtime routine that really helped all of us. He has playtime and a book after dinner, brushing teeth, and finally bath time. It worked like a charm for the past year. He usually slept from 7-7 am. However, we recently switched him over to his big boy bed (twin sized) and that really threw a wrench in his rituals. It takes between 30 mn to an hour of us walking him back to his room for bed time. He does have some days that he sleeps right away and B and I start brainstorming what exactly we did differently! How do you guys get your toddler to bed? At this point we are thinking that with all of the changes with room placement, baby brother etc. it's just been a lot for him to process all at once. So we've been patient and hope that our Gabrielito will sleep on his own again. 

This his sweet sweet little face he gives me when he tells me, " No no cama." Which means he doesn't want to go to bed. And honestly I'd give him anything with that face! It's growing increasingly hard to say no to him. 

"Por favor." [please] 

He's got the toddler pout down like a pro. If he only knew what it does to mamí's heart. And then there's this... Every time I put Cristian down in his co-sleeper while I get ready in our room he hops in. I'll ask Gabriel to stay on our bed but his brother's co-sleeper looks much more comfy. 

Cristian is also learning how to drag himself and roll to different places. It's not quite an army crawl but I remember this is how Gabriel started before he crawled at around six months. You guys, he's going to be crawling soon! How'd this happen?!

We've also had lots of rainy days this week and I'm not complaining. I love to see the rain, and the scent after a good downpour has got to be one of my favorite things. 

I hope you all had a great week and this Sunday treats you well!

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