I hope you all had an amazing week! I don't usually blog on the weekends but I am so excited to introduce my newest series on MIM that will now take place on Saturdays! I am approached by a lot of amazing small businesses via my blog or Instagram that are often owned by mommas. Believe me when I say I wish I could buy an item from each and every one of these shops. But that just isn't going to work well with my budget, haha! However, I am such a huge fan of small businesses especially when they are run by moms. Not only do I find them ultra inspiring but I know all of the hard work that goes into making them happen. I may not have the biggest blog or the hugest (not sure if that's a word) following on Instagram but what I know is that I have an amazing community of followers and readers that have supported me thus far. And my thinking is that, if I can share one awesome small mommy business every Saturday with you all then we can start making waves and help these businesses grow. So without further delay I introduce my first mommy business guests Ashley and Kourtney from Hip Little Cubs- I'll let them tell you all about it!

What inspired you to start your own business?
 We are inspired by our children. Always.  When your baby is born, there is an absolute perfection right there in front you. It is the only time in your entire life when you will witness complete 100% perfection.  We strive everyday, as all moms do, to be exactly what our children need. We wanted to create a business with products that we, ourselves, absolutely loved to use for our children. We also wanted to be a place where you can find unique, one of a kind products, without searching all over Instagram or Amazon. We want to bring all of that together into one place, a hip place, where baby trends meet functionality, and make it easy with shipping.  

Tell me about your favorite product you carry?
We just partnered up with The Little Linen Company, and our site will be stocked with inventory soon.   I cannot wait to start offering these beautiful, high quality blankets! I also really love the baby essentials line, homemade organic baby products made with essential oils, that WORK.  

What has been your biggest challenge?
I think obviously the challenge is inventory and marketing. We are stay at home moms with limited income, we can't afford to stock everything we WANT to offer right away, and being patient and smart with our ordering takes some time. Another challenge is getting ourselves out there.  When you take a risk, with something you are passionate about and something you work hard on everyday, and you put it out there for the world, you want them to appreciate it and love it the way that you do. We hope to market ourselves in a way that will bring in people who care about the same things: quality products for our most precious children. 

What is your favorite part of being a mompreneur?!
I love that I can work from home, networking and meeting new people everyday, and still look up and see my smiling baby.  I love that I can still be the mom I want to be and strive to be, but also run a business that I really love.

Any advice for inspiring mompreneurs?
I think that just like with everything else, you just have to go for it.  You have this wonderful dream, and its up to you to make it come to life.  Show your children what hard work and determination can get you!  Its the modern day "american dream", where you pull your bootstraps up and go after what you want.  Moms could rule the world!  

Love that so much! Thanks so much for sharing your business with us and for answering my questions ladies! I wish you all the best and so much sucess! Now go ahead folks check out their adorable website Hip Liitle Cubs (I'm a huge fan of their A& A blankets!) and give them a follow @HipLittleCubs on Instagram!

(and if you want to be featured on MIM shoot me an email at mommyinmilwaukee@gmail.com or use the hashtag #MommyBusinessSaturday so that I can check your shop out!)