bilingual baby tips: toys

I wanted to share some of our favorite bilingual toys! We've had these for a while and they've been helpful in teaching Gabriel certain words that I sometimes forget. I like to think of toys as tools in helping parents interact with their littles. Of course, I let Gabriel play by himself but I also play along with him and ask him questions that pertain to the toys. It's a great way to repeat the words and expand his (and my) vocabulary in Spanish!

 1. This toy car has been one of Gabriel's favorite since he received it for his Birthday last year! It has both tools, music and some catchy tunes that we end up singing out loud a lot!

2. I admit there is a lot going on with this learning table! But I really like it because it has a wealth of Spanish songs and words. The trick to letting them stick with your little is repeating them out loud. After all you cannot expect the toy to teach your child ;)

3. It's never too early to start whipping out the flash cards! Even if your child is not speaking yet their brain is processing hundreds of words a day and flash cards can help just as much a s reading!

We were also interviewed by the Linguist and teacher Audrey from Espanolita blog for her Friday Family Series and we answered a few questions on our bilingual journey! She has an amazing blog for parents with wonderful ideas for teaching your children another language! I hope you hop on over and give it a read.
Happy Friday!

Gabriel's sweater | Chevere Apparel