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It's so different going out with two littles now. And by different I mean it takes three times longer to get out the door! We have to pack our double stroller (just in case), our big ole diaper bag with extras, plus water bottles, randoms and my Ergo baby. Nonetheless, we have been able to go out a few times to necessary outings. I know it's only been three and a half weeks since Cristian was born but we make sure to take all precautions when we go out. And it's been great to get some fresh air! Not to mention that once we get to our destination I'm on momma protection mode, haha! Although I might look like I had a full night's rest- I haven't! I get sweet three hour stretches that feel like 30 ;) And then we have our Gabriel who is as much as a rambunctious 19 month old as any toddler.

But I choose to embrace this time and it doesn't last forever. I look back at when Gabriel would get up every two hours at close to 12 months and it feels like a dream. I've come to expect sleepless night's and craziness for a while (thanks to my sister-mother of four-for reminding me often!) Also, I recommend Mac concelear for those dark circles, strong Starbuck's cafe and set a timer for a quick 15 mn power nap while your little's are napping. Works like a charm every time :) Trust me new momma's you will get sleep soon and you won't even remember those sleepless night's! And to all my second time momma's it doesn't get easier we just get stronger. 

Which brings me to my winter coat post, I need a good strong coat for these freezing Wisconsin winter's (see what I did there) ;) When it come's to winter coats I do not play! But I also want to feel stylish instead of like a marshmallow. That's where this Michael Kors coat comes in. It really is the perfect mix of warmth and style. I linked up this one and a few other similar options!

I hope you are all having a great week! K



  1. cute coat!! it'll be perfect for those chilly midwest winters! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. Thanks Jillian! Hope you are feeling well! Xo