easiest decoration- fill a clear vase with small ornaments! I didn't know what to do with this random star so I put it on the top lol

Cristian's first ornament!

Gabriel's second!

I picked up this cute banner at Broadway Paper

Here's the youtube video I used to make this bow topper

Homegoods and Marshalls have the best seasonal candles!

these two have our hearts!

I love decorating for Christmas and this is the last year we will be decorating for it in our apartment. I'm going to miss this place! We'll be headed to be with family in the twin cities this year so all of our decor may just have to stay up for a little while longer but I don't mind ;)  I also didn't want to buy a topper so I youtubed how to make a Christmas topper bow and used some ribbon I had left over from last year. I really loved how it turned out and it was very easy to make. The best part was that it didn't cost me a penny! 

Hope you're all enjoying this Holiday season!