family time


It's been a pretty fun, hectic and busy past few weeks for our little familia! My husband is in the thick of interview season and we are so glad that he has received an invitation to almost every program he applied to. He may receive the final invitations but at this point we are thrilled that we have several schools that we love and can rank. Which means that I've been busy at home with Gabriel because I am just too big to travel, haha! But the great part is that most of these programs are in the Midwest and just a few hours away if I were to go into labor. We have quite a few contingency plans in place but I guess we never really know. However, our hope is that he will be here when things get real!

As far as baby bump goes I have been nesting like no other. The other day I was washing down walls and corner cleaning the bathrooms. Which is something I love to do normally but haven't had all the energy. And the crazy part is that honey bun is also nesting so he has been busy getting odds and ends finished while he has a more flexible schedule. I am at one-week appointment status and things seem to be slowly progressing. I'm in my 38th week of pregnancy and I am blessed to be able to maintain our baby past full-term. All of our bags are packed, double strollers and infant carseats ordered and I'd say we are almost ready to receive bebe! 

We are very grateful for the timing of everything as well because we have had a lot of time to spend together as a family of three. I think Gabriel has an idea that something big is about to happen. He hugs and kisses my bump often and just recently started to clarify that his papa doesn't have a bebe in his belly, so cute! All in all we are embracing these last few days/weeks together as we patiently await his arrival. We snapped some pictures on our walk and park visit yesterday when Gabriel found the biggest pile of crispy leaves! He was having a blast and was so sad when we had to leave. But the joy in his eyes was absolutely priceless!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!