brights & hello 3rd trimester!

Hi lovelies! I hope your weekend was fabulous. We had a great one, and were able to head out to the state fair as a family! I'll be sharing more pictures of our visit in a separate post!

This weekend I wore this super cute bright dress that I adore! I ordered it from She Inside, and I was a bit nervous of how it would fit. The size is "one size" but how often are those even accurate?! I went for it either way, because well it's a great deal! Turns out it fit perfectly with my bump. I think it'll work well post pregnancy as well, since the top has a bit of stretch. It came with these gemstones (glued on to the top half) that I was not a fan of. I removed them, and they came off rather quickly. Other than that, the quality is good, and I erred on the safe side and washed it by hand. I posted a link to the dresses and a few other colors that are available. 

I'm also in my third trimester now at 27 weeks, and I am in shock!

Printed She Inside Dress |Here, Here, Here| Kenneth Cole Sandals via Marshalls | Similar | Lip color: Mac Candyyumyum


  1. that dress i beautiful!!! Love the colors on you!
    And seriously, third tri already??? time is FLYING!

    1. Thank you, love! And yes, insanely so. I am really trying to enjoy these last few months while I can :)