Food and this pregnancy: finding what works

Hello loves! I almost forgot that I have a blog to keep up with! Yikes! Like most, I've been wrapped up in the day to day. We also suddenly  have really nice weather here! And (honestly) the last thing on my mind is staying in, especially after this winter we've had. These months are so short-lived! And now that my growing bump is getting, well bigger, I want to stay healthy in all aspects. I talk a little bit more of my weight and body-image journey here. However, food has been playing a drastically different roll in my life, and in this pregnancy. And it's not in the way you think!

I have always had a sensitive tummy. And tummy problems can be so embarrassing! But it wasn't always terrible, and surprisingly when I weighed more is was less of any issue. However, my tummy problems have somehow evolved to an extremely excruciating pain for about two days at a time. I've realized that this happens with certain foods. Right now I am slowly eliminating those foods. And it pains me to say that most of them are my faves. Wahhh! As you all know by now, I love food and trying different types and recipes. At this point, most of dairy, most meats (especially greasy) and some types of breads are the main culprits. I've had to get creative with my recipes now, and it's the main reason I haven't posted very many recently. There is such a fine line between the foods I can eat and bland boredom! Gah! 

The other day I stood in front of the fridge bewildered, and almost defeated. I was looking and in agony told my honey bun, there's nothing I can eat anymore! I seriously felt so hopeless, but the fear of feeling pain was more than enough for me to not want to eat. Luckily he calmed me down (as I was pretty much in full panic mode) and reminded me there is so much food out there that I still can eat. Which is true, but it's been a huge shift in my daily routine and attitude towards food. And as a part of the shift I am going to try and document those recipes, and foods that work for me with you. I also want to get to the bottom of this stomach pain! Because the last thing I need during pregnancy is not being able to eat with a growing little one that needs nutrients. 

I try to diversify my work-outs during pregnancy also. Now that it's summer, I make sure that I take a walk every day with Gabriel. I practice prenatal yoga, and watch Shiva Reas prenatal DVD, you can get it here. I definitely recommend this DVD, especially if you can't get out to a class. The work-out is about 50 minutes long and has 3 phases- I even get a light sweat in! We have pools where we live, and I am hoping to get some light swimming in also! I am very excited about being pregnant during the summer months, because there is so much I can do outside, and the days seem so much longer. If you are also expecting, Congrats! And please comment and let me know! I'd love for you to journey with me as we experience this amazing miracle. I would love to find out how you stay fit during pregnancy, and what are your fave foods and recipes also!

I am also going to be posting more pregnancy-related posts and share tips and tricks that helped me through my first pregnancy and beyond! I am going to be hosting an exciting giveaway for both mommy and baby and hope you also participate. Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday loves! 


Here are a few pictures of our Memorial Day weekend. We were able to walk around the Lakeshore and we had perfect weather! One of the many reasons I love Milwaukee in the summer months.

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