Petite styling


It's been pretty quiet around here these past few days, because we have all been oh so sick! But I am happy to announce, we are doing much better. Especially, little man! 

This post is geared towards all of the petite momma's and ladies out there. Although I hope anyone can take away some fun fashion tips from any of my fashion posts :) I am not the tallest person (5'2.5) And I often have trouble trying to find the perfect pair of pants that fit. I am also not a huge fan of just buying petites. In part, because the selection is usually limited, and hard to find! 

One thing that has helped me immensely is learning how to hem. I found these pants on sale (they are still available at Banana Republic! I linked them), and they fit perfectly but were at least two inches too long. Of course, I couldn't let a good deal go by ;) So I bought them and hemmed them myself! Whenever I hem a straighter legged pant, I like to make sure they hit me right at the ankle, like these do. I think they end up looking so chic, and they show off the shoes so well.

If you've read most of my fashion posts, I love a great deal and I also am a believer of buying quality items even if they are more expensive. My reasoning, is because these items will stand the test of time. Additionally, well-made items are a great addition to your closet! Usually, these pants are pricier but they are worth every penny if you buy them full-price! You can always save on more trendy items, like this necklace that I got for $10!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Blazer and Blouse old | Marshalls | Necklace | Glamour Girl | Pumps | Nine West: Similar | Trousers | Banana Republic | Lips | L'oreal True Red