10 months

Dear Gabrielito,

Happy 10 months baby boy! I cannot believe that you are now in double-digits. You still manage to amaze me with all of your growth. This past month you started walking! We were somewhat expecting it to happen soon, because you were taking one or two steps at a time. However, it was still very shocking to see you walk more than ten steps, and so steadily. You are truly a force of nature, and are so strong. Your Papi and me often ask each other what life was like before you were born, because we cannot imagine it without you!

Your personality is definitely unfolding, and your sense of humor makes me laugh. You also put everything in your mouth! We went to the Children's Museum and your favorite spot is the "flower garden". I think it's because the stones are bite size ;) 

You also really enjoy  it when I read to you. Now you lift up the books and show them  to me, and that is my clue that you want me to read. You will sit so patiently with your hands folded on your lap. A lot of time you will reach out and try to turn the page. It is so great to see you interested in books in this way! You also chew on the binding, so I have to keep them in a safe place! 

Now you know when Papi heads off to work/school. You get so sad and hang outside of the front door. But when he gets home, you light up! You love playing with Papi, and your favorite is when you are playing "arriba y abajo."

We are so excited to see more of your growth as a another month goes by. We love you so much!

Abrazos y besitos,


  1. He's getting so big, such a cutie!

    1. Thanks Priscilla- yes he is! It makes me both happy and sad!