loving right now

These are my current most coveted items this month.  After, I made the list I realized I have a sort of color theme going on. Then it hit me, I must subconsciously be thinking of the warmer, more greener months! 

Although I love a great deal as much as the next bargain hunter, I also believe that you can spend more money on great pieces that will stand the test of fashion time. 

These are the pieces that usually become the staples in your closet, and truly makes it your own. If a more expensive item ends up on my list, I wait for when I can fit it into my clothing budget, and or find the best price for it. 

But I usually cross my fingers very hard and hope it goes on sale ;)

Any item that isn't in the clothing or beauty category, I just put into to my miscellaneous budget! Budgets can really be helpful when it comes to every day expenses and truly bring peace of mind to spending and relationships. 

I hope you have a great weekend!