my top 5!

I was just thinking the other day-- if I could put a survival kit together for a new momma (for those first few weeks) what would be in it?! For me, there were a number of things that were really helpful and made things with a newborn a bit easier (these are for momma- next time I'll make a list for baby ;) 

If you are going to be a new momma soon-- Congratulations! I hope these ideas help you a bit because trust me as a new momma you need all the help you can get!

Here are my top 5 mommy must-haves: 


A very wise momma once told me that I should use organic coconut oil as a part of my nursing care routine. I'll admit I was a bit leery at first- but now I'm a complete convert! Just when I think I've found enough uses for it-- I find more ways to apply this magic oil (dry baby skin, diaper cream, dry scalp... and yes even cooking) I love the Sonoma Harvest brand -- ok so this is more momma and baby ;) but it works!


Let's face it-some days you won't have enough time to wash your face (or even shower... yikes!). That's when these come in handy. Neutrogena face wipes are my go-to's (plus they have that night-calming effect that you will need) but there are all sorts you can choose from!
You might not have time to eat a very healthy meal those first few weeks either- between caring for this little human and sleep deprivation- it won't be on your priority list of things to do! Cliff Bars became my life line because it was a quick fix and at least I know it's a good choice:)

DRINK WATER! Even if you aren't nursing-- it's important to stay hydrated. Ben got me a Camelbak and I love it- plus they have so many fun colors.

 Even after you give birth your body will need these pre-natal vitamins! Especially if you are nursing. I loved these because they taste like candy and honestly it's one of the reasons I never forgot to take them ha!



What would you momma's add??