my 10 beauty must-haves!

As I pack for our Thanksgiving trip-- I realized how little I needed to pack beauty-wise! It's amazing how just a few years ago-- I had so many products in my beauty arsenal. I am talking tons of eye-shadows, mascara's, eyeliner and every trendy lipstick you could think of! These days I am all about the simplicity in my beauty routine (unless I have some fancy place to go to then I might add some more glam) otherwise the simpler, easier, faster... the better! And now I tend to be rather OCD about my skin and protecting it. A good face wash, tinted moisturizer and SPF does the trick for me. Not only am I preventing wrinkles but I'm providing moisture that my skin needs.  

I've finally found the products that I love and simply cannot do without! I'll switch out from mascara's and blushes but these products have been definite keepers.

 Here they are:

1. Gotta love Cetaphil- it's mild enough for my sensitive skin yet it cleans off makeup and dirt so well. 

2. This eyebrow pencil from Clinique is really the best that I've purchased- not too harsh and at a great price. Fuller brows provide a very youthful appearance and I love how this fills my little bald spots ;)

 3. I love love love this color from Essie: Sand Tropez. I've been wearing it since my wedding day-- subtle yet classic -- perfect for everyday wear.

4. I've jumped around with tinted moisturizers but this one with SPF from Clinique  has worked so well for me. It's a recent add-on but I really love that I get flawless coverage without the heaviness of foundation. (I recommend going to the vendor and having them match the right color for you)

5-6. A good face brush for foundation, bronzer/blush is a great investment and also helps with a perfect application! These are from Sigma. Just remember to clean them weekly!

 7. This under-eye concealer from Clinique has really helped with the dark circles from sleepless nights with Gabriel :)- not too heavy and just the right color! 

8. My EOS lip balm is a must! Keeps my lips kissably soft ;)

9. This Maybelline Colossal mascara is seriously awesome. I've purchased the super expensive one's that work as well but I always come back to this one- "my old trusty."

10. Yes an ELF blush in Twinkle Pink! I use tons of blushes but always go back to this one. Sure it isn't fancy, it's very inexpensive and just the right shade :)

 What's in your beauty arsenal?!