the Pavilion

One of my absolute favorite places to visit here in Milwaukee is the Milwaukee Art Museum. I went there for the first time back in my single days and fell in love. Since then I continue to visit with Benjamin and now with our little man.

I get lost in all of the phenomenal architecture in the pavilion that was designed as an addition by Santiago Calatrava. The museum has 30,000 works of art and I have yet to visit every floor!

On one of my visits I became so excited when I found a piece from one of my most-loved modern artists, Elizabeth Peyton. Some day I hope to meet her in person and/or own one of her pieces (a girl can dream right?! ;) )

If you ever come to visit- this place is a must see and another reason Milwaukee is underrated.

from my first visit with Benjamin

"Jackie and John" by Elizabeth Peyton

just insane how realistic

I think Ben was trying to tell me something


  1. Awesome! Your pictures really make me interested in visiting this museum too. I love the triangle structures and the floating rocks pieces!

    1. Thank you Maureen! If you are ever in the area let me know- and we can gooo!