guest half-bath refresh!

 If you follow me on TikTok or Instagram, then you know that I recently updated our guest half-bath at our entryway! 

It was quite the project because it involved a lot of wallpaper. Although I already have some experience with wallpaper there were a few challenging things about this space. First of all, I measured wrong and didn't account for the crooked nature of the walls in some areas. This affected the way that I cut the wallpaper and at one point I was so frustrated that I pulled an entire panel off. I had to steam my way to a bare wall and it was such a process, but thankfully it worked really well! That's when I realized that I wouldn't have enough wallpaper or just enough wallpaper. I took a short break to try and gather myself over the weekend, and then I realized that instead of painting the ceiling in a deep green, I could use that paint to make an accent wall. The color is 'Vintage Vogue' and it's by Benjamin Moore, even though I've been saying Behr-- whoops!

BEFORE: The space had great bones and I had always been obsessed with all of the brass fixtures and honed marble sink. However, it really felt bland and boring in here. Y'all know I love a bold room and that's when I began searching for wallpapers.