guest half-bath refresh!

 If you follow me on TikTok or Instagram, then you know that I recently updated our guest half-bath at our entryway! 

It was quite the project because it involved a lot of wallpaper. Although I already have some experience with wallpaper there were a few challenging things about this space. First of all, I measured wrong and didn't account for the crooked nature of the walls in some areas. This affected the way that I cut the wallpaper and at one point I was so frustrated that I pulled an entire panel off. I had to steam my way to a bare wall and it was such a process, but thankfully it worked really well! That's when I realized that I wouldn't have enough wallpaper or just enough wallpaper. I took a short break to try and gather myself over the weekend, and then I realized that instead of painting the ceiling in a deep green, I could use that paint to make an accent wall. The color is 'Vintage Vogue' and it's by Benjamin Moore, even though I've been saying Behr-- whoops!

BEFORE: The space had great bones and I had always been obsessed with all of the brass fixtures and honed marble sink. However, it really felt bland and boring in here. Y'all know I love a bold room and that's when I began searching for wallpapers. 

Closet and bedroom refresh!


(images of wallpaper from and end table from Crate and Barrel)

skin care routine

Recently, I've been asked on Tiktok to share my skincare routine after sharing the story of when I moved out of my parents house at 21. According to many of my Gen Z followers, we're supposed to crumble after the age of 25-- barely recognizable and unable to function in any meaningful way! I kid, but it does seem to be a theme that comes up when I tell them I'm actually 37 years old. I can't blame them for these perceptions because we all know all of the expectations our society throws at women from childhood and into old age. Instead of appreciating the fact that not every one has the privilege to age, we embrace shaming and disappointment as we start seeing age lines around our eyes, and for me, right smack in the middle of my forehead making a very stubborn furrow.