Wisconsin Meadow

I spent some time with Lucía in the meadow this past weekend taking photos and looking at how far we've come in this area. Years ago this space used to be a tennis court and when we moved in it was half an acre of short green grass. Apparently, the tennis court had been removed several years ago in the early  00's based on our assessment of the homes original architectural drafts. The house underwent one major remodel in the 90's and that's pretty much the same home we moved into about a year ago. Everything was preserved in excellent shape (minus the finished basement and a couple areas but more of that in another post), and we could see in those drafts that the tennis court was still there. When we first saw this area the snow was slowly melting and we knew that this piece of land was incredibly special. We immediately began bouncing ideas with each other and decided that we would make it into a garden of some sort.

*This is the entry from the west side of the meadow. We've cut a trail of grass which will eventually be stone or gravel. We'll be adding seating areas in the form of benches, more native flowers and trees. 

It's so wonderful seeing all of the wildflowers that have been popping up. The other day I found black raspberries blooming wildly and my heart skipped a beat! Although at first I thought they were blackberries but after some research I learned black raspberries were a thing lol I caught Lucía in her element picking flowers, which is something that has become her favorite thing to do. She makes art, places them in water or asks me what else we can do with them. Witnessing her in these fields is an experience that I find myself fumbling for words to describe what it does to my heart. 

The wildflowers seem to have doubled since we moved in and it’s been a joy to see the gradual transformation in this field. One thing is for sure, we hope that this space supports healing + rest for whoever visits and helps restore the land back to what it was🌿 

Have a wonderful rest of your midweek!
xx Keila

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