winter whites!

Felis Tres Reyes to everyone celebrating today! We decided to have the kids open up their shoeboxes after school, since the excitement would've made for a tough Monday morning haha! I hope you all had a great weekend. I've been sewing and dyeing our Holiday orders for Vida Botanicals, and it's been so much fun creating. The power and magic of plants never ceases to amaze me!

I love a monochrome and neutral look so, I wore this outfit this weekend. I think white is probably the top color in my closet, even though I have three little ones running around 😆 But I like to live life on the edge, folks. And honestly, I'm probably more likely to stain myself 😂 I recently came across a 'sustainable' brand on social media. It's Kate Hudson's new shop called Happy x Nature , and they focus on recyclable textiles, which a great way to shop sustainable. They're not as transparent as I wish they were in terms of their suppliers chain, but I think that's something they can work on as their brand grows. They do have a disclaimer on their website too. Also, as with any polyester or upcycled clothing that isn't a natural fiber, it's important to understand that when they're washed they release microplastics into our water ways. Have no fear, however, use a bag like Guppyfriend, to wash those pieces. Or better yet, spot-clean and don't wash your clothes as often!

I really love the feel of this sweater, and it's totally a mom-crop style haha! I'm trying to embrace shorter tops in 2020, because I've been hiding behind oversized tops for quite some time now. It's time to show some curves, and embrace what my mama gave me 😜

Sending you all love & light as you enter in to this new week!


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