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Happy 2020! I hope your year is off to a great start! 

If you've been following my stories, then you know that I've been busy doing stuff for Vida Botanicals ðŸ˜! I am learning something new every day, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to grow my natural dyeing small business. I'm also really excited that my first post of the year is a wellness topic! Last year I really ramped up my non-toxic beauty routine and replaced a lot of my old items that weren't safe for me or my family, although I've been on this non-toxic journey since I stopped straightening my curls. But it's still an ongoing project, and I have several products that I haven't found replacements for. One thing I have done that has completely changed the way I shop and look for items to buy is download the 'Think Dirty' app, which is free! So, if you haven't already, I definitely recommend downloading it. It gives a rating on millions of household and beauty items based on toxicity, and it's very helpful. I've been able to find so many great non-toxic products on there too. It's also been so eye-opening to plug in items that I thought were natural and non-toxic for years, only to find out it was only a gimmick 😡 But I believe it's better late than never! 😃

Another thing I've learned is that not everything that is labeled 'organic' is safe for us either, and some items that aren't labeled natural can be totally safe too! Unfortunately, with the ways things are currently set up, as consumers we need to do our home work when it comes to the products that we buy. Also, please be aware of fragrance. All of these linked do not contain synthetic fragrances and that's why they rate so low on the toxicity scale. However, many of the same brands have deodorants that aren't as safe based on fragrance. 

Today's post is about natural deodorants. I've been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that works since I was breastfeeding Gabriel! And if you've been following along since then, then you might remember the tiny jar deodorant I found and used for a while. I stopped using that one because it stained all of my clothes 😪 I actually completely stopped using deodorant at some points while I was breastfeeding up until Lucía was a few months old. Some days it wasn't a problem, but other days it was 😂😓 My postpartum hormones were all over the place with Lucía, and I ended up going back to regular deodorant soon after because I would sweat so much. But it was still bothering me that I knew the deodorant I was using contained aluminum and a host of other ingredients that weren't safe! And when I say not safe, there have been studies to confirm it too. I knew that had to change and I began shopping for deodorants again. 

In the process I've been able to find some incredible non-toxic beauty shops and brands, including Paris Laundry, that I talk a lot about on my stories! All of the deodorants above are rated a zero- one in the TD app, generally I try to keep my products under a three-- still have a little ways to go! I've used all but one so, I know they work! And if you want to hear a cautionary tale about going non-toxic, then tune in to my IGTV later today on my Instagram! 😆

Wishing you all an amazing weekend ahead, we finally got snow! I knew it was too good to be true 😝


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