current curly hair products & giveaway!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I know it's the middle of the week, but I'm still on that Oprah 2020 Vision tour high! This past weekend I hit the road with three girlfriends to attend Oprah's tour stop in Minneapolis, it was incredible and I'll share a post once I'm done processing it all 😆 But today's post is one that I promised on my Instagram stories about my current curly hair care. I've been sharing the different products I've switched out for more non-toxic options and it's been shocking to find out how so many of my organic hair care favorites are not safe because of fragrance and other toxic ingredients. It can be hard to navigate it all so I hope this post helps! My hair texture is a mixture of 3C-4A, when I used to chemically straighten my hair it was more coily, but because I now know how to love on my curls, they've loosened up quite bit.

After eight long years I've come a long way with understanding my curls and what they love and don't love. And just look at how far I've come! Apparently also with my eyebrows lol 😂
Some things to keep in mind if you're on the going back to natural journey:
  • Don't give up! I know it can feel hopeless at times, but it will be worth it in the end. I remember when I first started to transition, I decided not to do the big chop and went ahead and only trimmed. My curls were so limp and I lived in protective styles, but once I got out of the grow out stage, I was sooo happy I didn't give up!😊
  • Curly hair loves cold water! Sounds weird, but it's true. Whenever it's wash day I make sure to wash with conditioner (I do a semi-curly girl method) and then shock my hair with cold water. I'll then lather on my leave-in conditioner in the shower too. Once I'm out of the shower, I squeeze excess with a cotton towel or tee and air dry.
  • Use a microfiber towel, turkish or linen! Regular towels are generally too rough and harsh for our hair, dry with something like this microfiber towel and if you'd rather not spend money, just use a 100% cotton tee!
  • Less is more! I wash my hair once a week, and in between spritz with cold water and leave-in (let me know if you'd like a video!) and that's it. Even though our hair may look like it can withstand a lot, it's actually very brittle and sensitive, that's why we have to condition as much as we can and wash less!
  • No coconut oil or sulfates! There's a huge misconception that coconut oil is good for curly hair, but it's not. In fact, it will most likely strip your hair from all of its good moisture, just think about how it's used to whiten teeth... yikes! Also, steer clear from sulfates, you don't want that mess seeping into your pores. 
  • Consider buying a  silk pillowcase and silk hair accessories! Silk pillowcases are not only better for our hair, they're better for our skin too! They support our hairs shine, decreases breakage, increases circulation and feels amazing on our skin, among many other benefits. At Vida Botanicals I naturally dye them using medicinal plants, which have their own set of added benefits!
Here are a few products that I still use that rate very low in toxicity. The deep conditioner I thin out quite a bit with water before I put it in my hair.

And since I love y'all I decided to give away a dream set, which includes one silk pillowcase and silk scrunchie (winner picks color)! All you have to do is enter below in the rafflecopter! Extra entries if you tag someone on Instagram and/or comment on this post and answer the question. Good luck, amores! 

Have a wonderful rest of your week! 


  1. I had no idea about the cold water! Will have to try that on my girls! I have stuck straight hair and boy my girls have curly hair so there is a lot to learn.

    1. happy that was helpful! All the best caring for all of your hairs :)

  2. Had no clue about cold water. I will try that ou .

  3. I take biotin and collagen to help with my hair! I’ve definitely seen a difference and it seems to be getting fuller!

    1. I have been wanting to try biotin for years! Thank you for sharing !