new moon

I spent all morning yesterday cleaning the kitchen, wiping down counters and getting down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors--underneath all the corners and heater too. It felt so good to move all of my plants and get under the spots that I don't get to after my weekly cleanings! The kiddos spent their time building forts in the living room while I got everything done, and it's really nice that they can entertain themselves when I'm busy cleaning. Yesterday was the new moon in Leo, and I immediately felt the new energy early on in the day and welcomed it all. This past month was really hard. Benjamin began his fellowship, and we had no idea what to expect in terms of the time he would spend working. It started off slowly, but by the second week of 24-hour call every other day, we all felt the huge drain on our energy levels. In addition, Cristian and I got really sick with a summer flu, which took me out for a few days.

It's summer so, we also had outtings, farewells and celebrations to attend. And even though we enjoyed and wanted to be a part of it all, it was hard to keep it together. It was at the tail-end of a few of these celebratio that I got sick. As the person in charge of all of the home and organizational stuff for our family, it was so hard to get anything done, but luckily after some rest and being gentle on myself, I felt better after about a week. Thankfully, Benjamin took over night routines too, which is a reminder that we're a team and I don't need to do everything alone.

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned on my Instagram stories that I was working on being more intentional about understanding how the moon affects me. I am very new to understanding the moons phases and astrology, but it's something that I've become very passionate to learn more about. I began my own spiritual practice last year centered around the moon and began journaling about it all too. However, even though I am aware of most of these changes, my day-to-day busyness with the kids always made it feel difficult for me to stay on track. I realized in this past Mercury retrograde season, however, that I should not fight it anymore. Meaning, I needed to stop struggling with the idea that the kids distract me from understanding how the moon and astrology affects me further.

It took me this long to realize that, they are all a part of my lunar cycle too. They are constantly teaching me about myself. This theme seems to be something that has come up often this year, as I've transitioned to staying at home again. It's interesting for me to think about how I've known this at different stages, but *I* am the one that gets distracted; it's not them. I think that's one huge lesson that this last retrograde season taught me: whenever I begin feeling distracted by my thoughts and past narratives, my purpose to be at home with my children helps me walk above those murky waters to push through and be present.
Further, although the month was very rough, I have felt a huge sense of peace through it all. Because I am no longer working against the noise by making my own noise, instead, I am staying silent and transcending through it. It's been so important to also remind myself that it is okay to feel. Even if those feelings stem from past traumas that although they no longer control us, sit next to us.
And if y'all can believe it, one of my oldest plants went through a lot this past month too! I had been planning on re-potting it because the leaves were indicating that the soil was no longer nourishing it. So, I finally repotted it but ended up forgetting to add drainage holes on the bottom of the pot. Again, I left it alone in the new non-drained pot, until one day, Lucía accidentally tipped it over and it spilled all over the floor.
It's been really fascinating to me how my plants often reflect the different phases that I experience. And I know that sounds so hippy dippity 😆, but it's true! I remember feeling so frustrated because it happened, but one of the phrases I use with the kiddos is "accidents happen", and I just started cleaning it up. Having my plant spill over like that forced me to re-pot it the right way, and be sure to make drainage holds in order for it to thrive and not have root rot. Y'all, I was so worried about this plant because all of the leaves had wilted and the vines that were once covered in leaves, barely had any. I was very concerned, but I made sure to water and talk to it as it transitioned, because that helps them too. This past week as I made my weekly watering round, I noticed leaves sprouting all over! And I know it will be well on its way to flourish like it had before 🙏 I don't doubt that I'll flourish soon too.

Have a great weekend ahead, and wishing you grounding moments in the midst of the busyness of life.


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