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Sweater from local consignment boutique: Spruced57 on Vliet, find similar ethically made here | Boots via Nordstrom & similar here | old winter white pencil skirt similar ethically made pencil skirts here | Lipstick via Mac | earrings via Jcrew

It's been a really exciting week over here! I hosted my very first friendship brunch at our place, and it was such a refreshing time for all of us. We ate, burned some incense, meditated and then worked on some more intentions for the new year. It has been so incredibly nourishing to share space with like-minded women that support each other, if you don't have friends who hype you up, encourage you to live your truth and best self, then you need to start re-thinking your circle. I have such a feeling about 2019. I think many of us are feeling it too, and it's only the beginning of February! 

Yesterday, I also had the honor of leading my very first workshop at Escuela Verde in Milwaukee. This school is leading in student-led learning, sustainability and restorative justice. It also has a focus on community, which I could feel the moment I met with one of the advisers, Cynthia, a few weeks ago. My workshop centered on Puerto Rican identity, anti-Blackness, colonization and the diaspora. I felt so incredibly honored to share the history of Puerto Rico, my story and experience with these high school students; they give me hope for our future!

For a while now, I had been asked about speaking at events and/or leading workshops about anti-racism and all of the topics I share here. For some reason, however, I feared taking up space and being seen in front of people. I know, it seems ironic, given that I have a blog and social media where all I post is stuff centered on me! But the truth is, I have struggled in this area for a long time. Social media allows me to share in a way that allows me to engage at my leisure and control, whereas, in-person advocacy work is a different beast all together! I am so happy and proud of myself that I said "yes", and I know this will usher in other opportunities to share my work outside of this online space, where we can continue to dig deeper and work towards equitable change. If you would like to book me for an event or your own school, feel free to shoot me an email: keilatiradoleist@gmail.com

Finally, on my Instagram stories, I have shared that I am designing a monthly newsletter for my readers. This newsletter will be full of resources and prompts that will help you with your own anti-Racism/anti-Bias, conscious parenting and sustainable work. My intention with this newsletter is to provide my readers with more tangible ways to redefine conscious living in their own lives beyond the internet. You can sign up on the "subscribe" button or the pop-up that appears once you enter my website. The first newsletter will be going out by the end of next week! Sign-up and stay connected.

Wishing you all a great rest of your week!


Outfit details continued...
I finally made some time to visit the newly re-designed Four Courners Milwaukee store on Vliet, and I was all googly eyes over everything! Next door is a consignment shop named Spruced57 that curates wardrobe staples at accessible prices. This sweater had my name written all over it, and I am so happy I made the purchase. This is my first light blue knitted sweater, and I thought it'd be fun to pair it with a winter white pencil skirt and knee-high boots. But honestly, all of these pieces have countless of pairing options, I'll be posting more soon!

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