cleaning tips with Febreze

Thank you Meijer for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

One of the things that makes me happiest is a clean home but especially a freshly cleaned kitchen! It's become a huge stress-reliever for me to clean and have clean spaces. Something about having everything tidy just makes me happy! I have no shame in saying that as an adult I've become a total neat freak but that doesn't mean that our home is always that way 😆  Especially with three little ones running around and getting their little hands into everything. Which is perfectly fine with me at this stage because it won't last forever. Plus, I have a feeling some day I'm going to miss those little tiny nutella-covered fingerprints on every surface 😂  I've learned to deal with the messes as they come and spot clean throughout the week until I can do my deep cleaning on the weekends. That's when Febreze comes in and helps me freshen everything up!
We've been huge fans of Febreze since I can remember! And now Febreze has a new product line called Febreze One Fabric and Air Mist that not only has the odor-eliminating power we know and love but it has the added benefit of no aersol's, dyes or heavy perfumes. The mist is really light and I love that! I keep one in the kitchen to spray throughout the day to eliminate any odor after cooking. I also keep one in the living room to freshen up our couch and rugs. Old homes tend to have this aged odor to them and I love that this helps keeps our place smelling fresh!
I'm actually asked a lot about how I keep our home clean since I post photos on my Instagram of our place looking tidy and the truth is that it isn't always that way! But when it is I have to document it haha! Instagram is such a great place to share inspiration but it only highlights about 10% of our days.However, since all of these 10%'s are highlighted in the same area it can seem that my home is clean 24/7 which is not at all true lol! Right now I don't usually fuss about whether or not the house is perfect during the day because we're usually in and out, playing and going on with our day. However, I do clean in the evening when everyone is in bed which is usually around 730. I love the feeling of waking up to a clean home even if I go to sleep a little later than I want. It's totally worth it for me and it also helps to keep it clean during the day because I've started with a clean slate! Also, a little bit ago I started using our dishwasher instead of handwashing and OMG it's such a life saver! Not sure why I waited so long to use it 😆 Remember that we're all different and some times our homes are clean and other times they're not but I think as long as they're filled with love- we're winning.

Febreze One Fabric and Air Mist is now available locally at Meijer stores!