baking on a snowy day & some tips!

Every year when March rolls around I start getting cabin fever! It's usually freezing here in Wisconsin and I've just about had enough of the cold. But this year it's been a little more challenging because we got a random stretch of super amazing (60+ degree!) weather in the middle February, which was unbelievable. That really raised my expectations and I totally thought Spring had sprung. That was false, it did not arrive. We got about 9 inches of snow this past week and even though it already melted you just never know in the Midwest! Last year it snowed in May. Therefore, I have to adjust my expectations lol Sometimes I get asked by some of you how do I do it during these cold winter months with three little's. Truthfully, I don't think there's any 'one' trick but a bunch of stuff that I try to help with those extra long days.  One of those tricks is baking. I absolutely love baking with the boys and now Lucia #babywearingforthewin ! The warmth of the oven and fresh homemade goods are a plus and they really enjoy helping.

One thing I like to do to involve the boys is to ask them to help me gather the ingredients. Gabriel and Cristian both love to grab the eggs lol! It's seriously the cutest thing to watch them carefully grab the eggs. I ask them to stash them in their apron pocket until they're ready to use. I also think giving them these little aprons helps them feel like mami's little helpers and they have a lot of fun wearing them too! 

Cristian is also a fan of sticking his little fingers in all of the canisters to taste-test of course! And this has got to be one of my favorite pictures of him. It captures his mischievous personality perfectly!

I also help them pour the ingredients and expect that everything will be all over the place haha But that's what rags are for!

I often take this time to describe the different ingredients to them. I talk to them about the sweetness of the sugar and how the baking powder helps the cookie rise. I'm literally talking to them the entire time! I'm pretty sure they don't understand it all but it's the cutest thing to hear Cristian say 'uhhh huh' in agreement. 

You all know how much I love to babywear and this is one of the reasons why! I need to have hand-free in the kitchen. I'm always careful to never use the stove top because that can get dangerous but everything else is so much easier to do while I wear her. Plus she loves being close. She is currently in the phase where she isn't happy with anyone else holding her and I already know that doesn't last forever so I soak it up while I can. I've had this Wildbird sling since Cristian was a little tiny babe and I love that I can use it with Lucia too.

Lucia ended up falling asleep in the sling on the day our friend Glenna snapped these pictures. My favorite part of baby wearing is when they fall asleep while I wear them!

I think the best tip I have for you guys is to just have fun! Don' worry about the mess you can get that part figured out when they're asleep. Also I love that Lucia is already loving being in the kitchen with me too! 

A boy and his egg lol! He actually sometimes wakes up and asks me if he can hold an egg and I'll give it to him with some kitchen towels and he'll play for like a good hour with his egg! We've only had one bad incident when we were in their play kitchen in their room and suddenly I see egg shells in their play cart and a cracked egg! Needless to say I had to disinfect the entire station but at least now I know the entire thing is way clean haha!

Photos by Glenna of Lagazo Creative

I'm currently loving baking through my Bake Happy cookbook I scored at Homegoods last year. We made the chocolate chip cookies and they were a total repeat. Do you guys have any favorite activities you do on days when you can't go out with your little's?! I'd love to know! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!