West Allis Farmer's Market

Every summer I try to visit the farmer's market weekly to pick up local produce for the week ahead but since this summer our sweet Lucia was born I haven't been able to visit. However, this past Thursday seemed like the perfect day because the weather was cool and I had enough energy to head out with my crew! It's amazing how much more I can handle when we go out now. I remember feeling the same way with Gabriel at first too and then when Cristian was born. It really is true that it doesn't get easier but we just get stronger and learn to become more efficient in the process. I have a lot of amazing mama's ask me how do I do it. Meaning how can I go out all the time with my three. To be completely honest with you guys I don't have a choice haha! But seriously. With B's schedule if I didn't venture out on my own we wouldn't have food, a clean house, toiletries and the list goes on. This isn't saying that B doesn't do these things with us when he is able but the way that residency is set-up it isn't an option. I don't mind though because I've always been very independent. And as much as I love going out as a family I know I can do it on my own just as well.

It really is flattering when I get comments on Instagram and messages about how I'm so brave to go out with all of them. But the truth is that I believe we can all do these things! Whenever I go out I always see a few other mama's (some with 4 or 5!) walking through the lanes at Target and rocking it like no other. The only difference is that I snap selfies and stop to record everything lol! But seriously we can all do these things and have fun while we're doing it. So Here's a quick list of things I do to make it easier for me when I head out with my 3! Also, keep scrolling because at the end I have a code for free shipping on this amazing choker from my mama friends new macrame jewelry shop!

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Be patient- Okay, I know this is easier said than done but it works. They're just little kiddos who are learning the ways of the world and they need more patience than anyone because they are learning. Repeat after me, they are learning. They pick up on my energy so quickly and it's amazing how well they do when I remain calm. It's  to the point that when I start becoming frazzled Gabriel stops me and says, "Calm down Mami, breathe." I kid you not, haha! He's a natural yogi that one. But that's exactly what I tell him when he's having a tantrum and we both breathe together and it works.

Mornings are always better- The boys have always been early risers and a lot of time if 10 am rolls around I already feel like half of the day is gone! So we end up leaving earlier and they are so much more cooperative with me. Generally, unless I have an extra pair of hands I don't go out after 3 pm with them. It's a recipe for really cranky toddlers. I'm pretty strict when it comes to their evening/bedtime routine so this helps a lot!

Pack their favorite snacks- This one speaks for itself. Kids listen when they have their favorite snacks!

Listen- Again, you might say I'm speaking in metaphors but what helps me when the boys are having melt downs is to listen to what they want. Nine times out of ten it's something I can do. For toddlers you are their world and when something seems out of place they freak out. I cannot tell you how many times I've been able to calm Gabriel down after he's been crying out loud in a Target. I breathe in, get down to his level, then I ask him calmly, "Que quieres?" "What do you want?" Then even if he's crying, yelling I wait patiently. I wait and ask again, and again calmly until he realizes that I just want to talk to him. Once that happens, he always calms down and tells me. Then we go from there.

Babywearing- You all know I'm a huge advocate for babywearing and it's because there are so many benefits. I'm writing up a post on my fave carriers soon also!

Don't worry about what other people think!- This one should really be first haha! But I've had to learn this early on. You are your children's parent and you are caring for them. Not one of those people that are being snarky or rude are caring for your children. Kids will cry and they will have fits. It is in their nature because they are learning. Who cares what anyone else thinks?! You are helping your child and that's all that matters.

I hope this list helps if you're starting or wanting to venture out more with your little's! You can do it mama's!

All photos taken by the super talented Glenna of Lagazo Creative

Wishing you a great Labor Day weekend!