indoor picnic with Snappers Snacks


This past week we had a couple gloomy and rainy days. Unfortunately, we had to cancel one of our playdates to the splash pad after the boys were so excited to, "plash!" I decided to improvise with our already packed lunch! I love rainy days because they can be so cozy and the sound of rain is so soothing to me. However, that is not the case with the boys haha! They seem to get so antsy when we aren't able to go outside and now that Gabriel is a little chatter box he kept asking, "When we go?!" So to his absolute heartbreak I had to tell him (repeatedly) we'd be going another day. And right before the floodgates opened I hurried up and told him we were going to have an indoor picnic instead!

It immediately curbed his devastation and we picked out our favorite blanket, laid it on the coffee table, gathered their fave toys, unpacked our cooler and started to play! It still somehow amazes me that the simplest things are always such a hit! It borderline makes me want to toss out most of their toys... I kid, I kid ;) I really need to work on my indoor play ideas but a picnic never fails and it's always so sweet to see them get creative.

I had packed our new bag of Coconut Snappers snacks and some other goodies that I'd gotten ready for the splash pad. And you guys they are so good! Call me crazy but I'm not a huge chocolate gal but give me pretzels, coconut caramel, drizzled chocolate and I'm all over that! When I was asked to give these a try I immediately said yes because we're big fans of the originals that don't have coconut. I was pleasantly surprised that the coconut isn't overpowering but adds just the right amount of flavor.

The boys loved them too and even shared with all their dino's!

Gabriel kept saying, "He no eat, Mami!" These boys have my heart.

Pinkies up!

These new yummy Snappers will be available only at Costco's in Midwest. And am I glad because you all know how I love me some Costco haha! Do you guys have any favorite rainy day activities?! I'd love to know!

Thank you Snapper's Snacks for Sponsoring this post.

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