Boener Botanical Gardens

Second year of residency has been very busy but then again so has every year before now, haha! I think, in general, when you have little's busyness is just a part of life. Although B's schedule was all over the place at the beginning of second year (that started in July) the month of August did not involve any 30-hour overnight's and that's always a nice change! If you follow me on Snap Chat (@MommyinMKE) I chat a lot more about B's schedule since I post more day-to-day things over there. There's a lot of solo parenting that happens during all of B's training but we make it work because our little family is our priority. This month he has had a few weekend days off since he's working more in the operating room now that he's only doing Anesthesia as opposed to everything else when he was an Intern last year. In some ways, it gives us an overall idea of what his schedule is going to look like ahead of time and that is a bit of a luxury that we haven't had in the past. We've taken advantage of this time and have planned more outings as a family. A lot of the places that we've visited I've gone on my own with the little's so it's been extra special to have B experience them for the first time with us and now as a  family of five!