newborn goodness

These past couple of weeks have been full of sweet family visits, postpartum care, friends stopping by to love on our little family, and all of that newborn goodness! I am so incredibly thankful for all of the help and support that we've received while we transition into being parents of three littles. It has made all of the difference for us and this weather isn't too bad either haha! Although I wouldn't say that I'm back to blogging more regularly quite yet (at two weeks postpartum) but as I sit here in our living room while B is doing another overnight in the S-ICU I started browsing through pictures from the hospital and it took me right back to Lucia's birth. Her labor and delivery was the most challenging (natural med-free) one for me both mentally and physically. At one point the sheer exhaustion and frustration was so overwhelming I just cried with B. But as soon as I was over the hardest part and knew that she was almost on my chest all of the struggle was worth it. Here are a few photos that I just can't stop staring at from the hospital! And I hope you're all having a great week so far!