postpartum recovery: helpful products & tips!

I hope your week has been fantastic so far and way less snowy than ours... Yes, it is still snowing over here. Honestly, I don't remember when it snowed so much during April! Alas, I'm just taking it as it comes because there's really nothing we can do about it haha! 

I've wanted to share a postpartum recovery post for quite some time. If you've been reading my blog for a while now you might remember my Labor Prep Post here and with baby girl on the way I am following the same steps towards a med-free labor. As always, I'm keeping an open mind because these things can change so quickly but I'm hopeful that I'll be able to successfully deliver baby girl in this way as well!

The items that I'll be sharing today are both items that I've used and new one's that I'll be adding based on my experience with both boys labors. And I hope they are helpful for you if you're expecting as well! 

Now that I'm 32 weeks+  it's about to get real! 

1. Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Bundle: I received my order yesterday and I squealed! B was like- what is going on?! haha! But I was so excited because I cannot speak more highly about this kit. Every item serves a purpose and each one was so helpful after delivering vaginally. I pushed C so quickly (and he was a big baby at 9.5 lb) that I had a small tear. But even if I didn't have a tear delivering vaginally will leave a lot of soreness and change in your peritoneal area. Not included in this kit is the bottom balm that also provided so much relief and cooling (it contains witch hazel and other herbs that help with swelling and discomfort) you can shop the bottom balm here. They also carry C-section recovery items available here as well . What I love most about this kit, other than the relief and quick recovery I experienced, is that they are organic and clean products that I know do not have any extra chemicals that my body can do without!

2. Bellefit postpartum corset : After Gabriel was born I didn't have much change to my abdomen. In fact, I quickly bounced back in that area and healed really quickly. However, with Cristian I experienced diastasis recti and I didn't realize this is what I had until several months after he was born. I did a quick search and found this rebuilding work-out regimen helpful. My entire abdomen felt so weak and heavy after birth that I also quickly realized how helpful a girdle was. This bellefit is amazing (you don't have to remove the whole thing when you use the restroom thanks to the design) and they have one for c-section recovery as well.

3. A good nursing bra this one by Bravado Designs is excellent: If you decide to embark on the breastfeeding journey having a good nursing bra can make all the difference. As a momma who breastfed both boys until they surprisingly weaned at around the same time (14 months) comfort in this area is so helpful!

Earth Mama Angel BabyNipple cream: as an addendum to #3 your breasts will change! When you begin nursing your nipples will become chapped, may crack, bleed and stretch. This is all a part of the process while your body begins to change in order to feed your baby. I ordered my nipple cream along with my postpartum kit because it provides the relief I need. It is heaven-sent! For real!  

4. Essential oils: this one is completely new to me! I've only begun this journey with this new therapy and I can't speak to is efficacy quite yet. However, I am hopeful and do believe in the therapy. I'm so excited to use them for postpartum recovery and I'll be sure to update as time goes on! 

As always before you use any new product during pregnancy please consult with the medical professional in charge of your care! 

If you're expecting soon I hope this is helpful and I wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life! Wishing you all an amazing weekend ahead! If you all have any must-haves for postpartum recovery please let me know below!

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