vegan leather preggo leggings!

Vegan leather leggings via Preggo Leggings c/o use CODE MIM-PL-20 for 20% off! | Brown Mock-neck sweater via She Inside | Leopard Print Pumps via Target on SALE now | Hat via Target

It's Friday and I hope it's off to a great start for you! We are back in MKE and feeling both refreshed and tired haha! I still need to unpack everything and there may or may not be a mountain of laundry in the middle of our living room and  trails of crackers from the treats leftover from our road trip. Needless to say I'll have lots to do this weekend!

During our trip we had so much fun exploring Green Lake and the surrounding areas. I wore this outfit for one of our date nights and it was such a fun look to wear! I love how fun these Preggo Leggings  (use code MIM-PL-20 for 20% off!) are. I paired them with these cute leopard print pumps that as I shared on Instagram this combo had me feeling all sorts of meow hehe! I love when a little pop of pattern can make all the difference in an outfit. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and please send lots of happy cleaning vibes my way! 


  1. I was skeptical since I couldn't feel the leggings but after reading good reviews I figured why not! So thick and Sooo comfy workout leggings! Even better material then my Nike leggings! Go a size smaller though.