Baby #3: 25 weeks (almost)

(at almost 25 weeks she's the size of cauliflower-width & about 2 lbs!) 
So here I am at almost 25 weeks and I haven't had any official updates of this pregnancy on the blog! Between sharing little snippets on Instagram, all things blogging, chasing after the boys and life I haven't had too much time to sit down and think about all of the changes that have been going on in this body of mine! And I always find these posts so fun and helpful as a momma that I figured I'd start updating every so often here too. It's still so wild to me to think that we are having a third little bebe and on top of that...a GIRL! 

so how am I feeling...

I'm feeling pretty good physically. I still have that rush of second trimester energy and I'm able to still move around fast enough to run around with the boys. Somehow I've managed to gain less weight with this pregnancy than the boys but honestly I think it's because I'm literally on my feet most the day! They are getting more and more active every day. I keep being told that boys are much more rambunctious and all over the place but I guess we shall see! I always find that it depends on the child individually but I can tell you that these two are non-stop most the time! I've also been so hormonal lately. I keep telling B it's so much more intense this time around. It's probably both baby girl and my powers combined that have me feeling this way ;)  

what am I most anxious/worried about...

I was asked on Instagram a few times about what I'm most worried/concerned/anticipating with our third on the way. I've got to tell you that this time around my worries look a lot different. It isn't that somehow I've mastered all things mom because I will tell you I have not! But my worries look very different from three years ago. I guess at this point I know that there will be tougher days ahead. I also know that there will be good days too! I'm not putting too much thoughts on things that I cannot control like being able to sleep, or breastfeeding- you know? Right now we know that we need move to a new home (by May!) and to be completely honest I'm more concerned about that than anything else. I never thought that we'd be moving with me at full-term or who knows maybe with her here already! The house hunt starts in March so if you have a quick sec to send us some positive thoughts/prayers I'll take them!

what I'm most excited about...

You guys we're going to have a girl! And though a boy would have been just as amazing I never thought that we would have girl and it was such a huge surprise. As a woman in this world I have a lot on my heart when it comes to raising a girl in the now that we live in. I wish that there wasn't as much inequality happening right now and that the world looked different for her but it doesn't. I find myself breathing in deeply and praying that I don't project my worries to her. The truth is that raising a girl is so incredibly different than raising a boy. There's a fine line for me because I want her to feel empowered, strong, and equal to her brothers and men around her. That she'll be able to succeed in that same way, in any way she wants to. But I also want to care for that instinct of tenderness, love and nurture that comes naturally to women. And maybe I'm just rambling and not making much sense but baby girl just know I want the very best for you and please know you are already so so loved.

So I guess maybe I have a few more worries right now ;) 

For those of you curious my, " baby is the size of- Tee" is from Mothers in Protest c/o and I love how fun and interactive it is! It's perfect for the month-to-month updates. It also reminds me to buy certain produce and eat healthy haha!


  1. Love seeing your updates and seeing you grow! Gives me something to look forward to! You are going to dominate being a mother of 3!!! So excited for a girl for you! We find out in March what we will have! So exciting! Xo

    1. thanks so much, Vero! I really appreciate your support and I'm so so excited for you!! xo!!

  2. I am having a second boy and I can relate mostly being a mom of a energetic boy and am looking forward to raise a second boy. You look great btw.

  3. Love your blog I am a mommy of a boy and I am having a second boy due in April. Cant wait to have them both running around my house and bring them to places. You look pretty btw and good luck on your new home.

    1. Hello Rossy! Thanks so much and congratulations to you! It's so fun seeing them become buddies and I wish you the best for the rest of your pregnancy!