Dia de Reyes:Three Kings Day

I realized that my last post was the first of the year and I didn't officially wish you all a Happy New Year! So here it is, Happy New Year, everyone! For today's post I wanted to share a traditional holiday that we celebrate as a family. Growing up I remember celebrating, 'el día de reyes' with my family a few times, however, it wasn't something that we came to expect like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Before we had children (and now that we have them) B and I discuss(ed) a lot about the traditions and cultural celebrations that we would like to share with our little's. And we knew right away that 'el día de reyes' was something special that we wanted our children to expect every year.

Quick History

Three Kings Day is celebrated all throughout Latin America. In Puerto Rico, this day is extremely special and it's often considered the culmination of the Christmas season. In fact, the "12 Days of Christmas," which is so often believed to end on December 25, actually begins on the 25th and runs through January 6, culminating with the Feast of Epiphany, or "The Adoration of the Magi". Although Christmas day is important (and most gifts are given on that day) Three Kings Day represents a much more deeper significance in Puerto Rican culture. Traditionally in Puerto Rico children cut grass (for the camels) and add it to an empty box then leave it under their bed or outside their door for the reyes to fill up! (The boys can't quite handle this part yet but I'm thinking next year!)

For our growing family we reserve 'Three Kings Day' for things that our boys need. Nothing too flashy but rather things they will enjoy and find useful throughout the year! It's become a really special day for us and I'm so happy to be able to share the stories and significance of what it means to our children. Our hope is that some day they will look back and appreciate the stories, food and part of their culture! It's also a day that I think any family can incorporate into their traditions or as an introduction to a different culture and history for your children!

How do you celebrate?! I'd love to know!

This years baskets included: 

(their fave lollipops)
Winter Coats | Gabriel's Here and Cristian's Here
Cozy socks| Here (I love these socks they last a long time!)
Sippy cups with straws 
(everywhere we go they 
want a straw or sippy 
with a straw!) | Here
Book| El Camionsito Azul  (it's a fave around here but we needed a new copy haha! Spanish)
Book| Colors/Colores (bilingual)
Alphabet Flash Cards | Here 

We're also going to have traditional pastries, breads and hot cocoa. But this year I'm not baking them just headed to our local Latino food store (El Rey) and calling it a day! 

Wishing you a ¡Feliz día de reyes! And a great rest of your week!