Goodbye, 2015


I was beginning to think that it was never going to snow again this winter until we got hit with a snow storm on Tuesday! It was very welcome in my little corner as I've ( and Gabriel) been waiting for it since we had a few inches over a month ago. The moment that Gabriel woke up and he realized there was "nieveee" outside he had to know when we'd be playing in it! It was so sweet and he is truly a Wisconsinite through and through! 

He was pretty focused on getting these "rocks" and moving them from one place to another then taste testing everything, hahaha! I mean you can't really say you're from Wisconsin unless you've tasted the snow. It's a right of passage. 

I can't get over how beautiful it is here in Wisconsin. I know I've talked about how great it is to be able to drive a few miles and be in another state park (that are even more stunning in the winter). And believe me I know how tough it is to get all geared up, drive out and deal with snow. But I've got to say that once you're out and experiencing the joys of winter- it's so worth it. There's an old Norwegian saying that goes, "there's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes." And that's so true! Once we got all bundled up we played out there for almost 2 hours (that's like 6 in toddler)!

This face you guys! He was so happy to be outside and experiencing it all and I was so happy to be able to watch him. It never fails to remind me to look at the world the way they do. So amazing and so good.

We're also saying goodbye to 2015 in just a few hours. I'm truly still in disbelief as I type this. The beginning of 2015 started off with some many unknowns for us. B finished his last residency interviews in December, we had no idea where or if we would be moving from Wisconsin until March, we had a fresh little newborn, Gabriel would be two in April and it was pretty much a really intense and special time for us. I was dealing with all things postpartum, the boys and their needs while also trying to stay positive that things would work out regardless of where we ended up for B's residency. 

When we found out that we matched here the tears flowed and the relief finally set in. Milwaukee was our first choice. Looking back now I would tell myself, "be gentle on you, you're doing the best you can." I can't change any of it now but I can take what I learned from how I handled certain aspects of not moving and apply it to my now. And in that way I wouldn't change a thing because how else would I have learned? 

I'm now sitting here with my 18 week bump, feeling light movements, and so much joy that we are expecting our third little one in late Spring. They are already so loved and have two big brothers anxiously waiting to play with them (and take away their toys hahaha)! I'm looking forward to a new year, our newest addition, moving to a new place, and the hope of a fresh new year. We learned so much this past year, cried, laughed, exhausted our strength at times, but through it all God's grace held us.

   And thank you for sharing in our journey and my little corner of the internet! Good Bye, 2015 and here's to the New Year!