Blogging for Family

I'm so excited to share that I've been asked to write for an exciting project sponsored by Toyota and the National Center for Families and Learning (NCFL), called Family Trails

Family Trails believes that, "your family is the best teacher your child will ever have – and the world around you is the ultimate classroom." And I couldn't agree more! As newer residents to Milwaukee it became increasingly important for me to start learning more about our new city. Especially once the boys were born and that's one of the reason's why I started this blog. NCFL's goal is to support families learning together, bridging the gap in education that often exists between school, home, and community. Our stories will be shared on along with some other wonderful family bloggers. There you'll find stories to inspire children and parents to get out an adventure around their communities. Families are our children's first teachers!

And in the spirit of Family Trails I wanted to inspire another family by providing some tools that I find helpful in adventuring with the boys! I'll be giving away a curated box of items that I use every time I go out. So be on the look-out for that huge giveaway in the coming week's. I will give you a small hint- babywearing has been a huge MUST for us!

My first post went live yesterday and here is the direct link! I would be honored if you hopped over and gave it a read. I also invite you to check out to explore all of the amazing adventures that have already taken place!

Wishing you an amazing rest of your week!