yoxobot review

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was so good and we were able to explore some different areas of Milwaukee! But more about that in a different post. Today I'll be reviewing a toy but really Gabriel reviewed it since he's been playing with it for the past few days! 

It was rainy and chilly this past week which was the perfect time for some creative indoor activities. I already received the Yoxo robot so we went to work. The Yoxo robot is geared for older than 3 year olds but I knew I would be helping Gabriel build it and watching for small parts. He isn't in the chewing phase anymore, however, Cristian is! I had to hide a few things from him a couple of times. What is it about the toys they can't play with that they want most?! But Gabriel had a lot of fun helping push the parts together and he'd ask questions like, "Robot arm?" so I'd be sure to tell him what parts of the robot we were making.

Also, is anyone else's two year old obsessed with robots?! Gabriel is in a robot kick and it's been robot everything. So I was looking forward to review the Yoxo robot. I had never heard of these toys but I immediately googled it. I was excited to learn that all of the material is made of recycled cardboard and they have a ton of other toys for creative play. I thought that was a great change from a lot of the non-recyclable plastic toys we have. It also got me thinking about our footprint in terms of toys we have and waste. I know all of this from a toy!

I'm happy to report that Gabriel loves his new robot! And you can build three other items with the kit too. I'm also surprised with how sturdy it is! Gabriel has thrown it around a few times and it managed to stay connected. All in all it's a neat new creative toy and it's a definite bonus that it doesn't create more waste once you are done with it! Here is also a fun episode via the The Happi house blog that helps with getting ready for school and tackling homework (kind of glad we don't have to deal with that yet ;)

Wishing you a great rest of your week and Happy Monday! 

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