Top 10 Ways to know if you're an Instagram Mom!

I'm unaware of the stats on this, but I'm pretty sure that Instagram has taken over as the top app for cool kids. And among those cool kids are an extremely larger cooler group that pretty much control the game, and they're called moms. So if you aren't already an IG addict, here's how to know if you're becoming, have encountered, or already are an #IGMom:

1. Two words: Baby Spam. You've probably announced, seen, or known someone who has shared their pregnancy on IG. And with pregnancy come lots of cute babies! Not only do you post at least one pic of your kid a day, but it's actually your favorite pic to like. Because who doesn't like a pic of a cute baby?! Oh, and preggos!

2. You know about VSCOcam. Not only do you know about this app, but there's a specific filter you use, complete with contrast, mood, and highlight! Not to mention that you're pretty picky about your 'feed', (and I'm not talking about food here). But if for some reason you posted a pic without just the right amount of brightness, angle or whatever you better believe it's #gonein60seconds !

3. Did someone say Instagram and Shop ?! Let's be real here, mall days are a thing of the past. Insta Shopping is where it's at! Not only have you shopped via IG, but if you look in your closet your last impulse buys, have been directly related to something you saw on IG. **Bonus points if you've opened up your own IG closet and/or shop**

Pic via @Freshlypicked

4. You look forward to Follow Friday. This new version of a shout out is always displayed in four lovely squares. What is a shout out, you ask? It's when a specific IGer really likes you (or has way more followers than you) suggests that their followers follow you! For #FollowFriday Each square features another IG mom that preferably uses the same VSCO filter as you, or at least has similar looking pics. And don't worry if you haven't been asked yet, look in your DM and you most likely already have a request waiting! If not you must up your VSCO game.

5. You've actually met another IGer in person. Or you've mailed something out to a fellow IG mom, or been on the receiving end. Although in writing it seems weird, it's not. You'd totally understand if you were a part of the #IGCommunity. 

pic via @MommyinMilwaukee

6. You know the meaning of a loop giveaway. No one really knows how they started. Some say they first surfaced among the Insta Shops. Others say that the fashion bloggers started the phenomenon. Whatever their origins  they are here to stay. And you're probably following a group of bloggers now! **Extra extra bonus points if you've actually WON or hosted one**

pic via @BeautyBeyondFashion_

6. Baby Moccs. Need I say more? (see #3 for further explanation)!

7. You've taken a Target, Costco, grocery store, Trader Joes, car, or mall selfie with your littles. There's just something about a dressing room mirror that puts the real in Instagram- oh wait. But it does give a nice relatable touch. Also, a really nice break from those other much more curated posts.

8. You've used your caption to share a story, message, sermon of something significant that happened in your day. Never mind that it's going to take someone 5 minutes to read, and digest. Which completely defeats the purpose of IG, but um why are they following you in the first place?!

9. With great pictures comes great responsibility. You know that although you share beautiful pictures, you're a mother like any other mother out there. That followers do not equal your value as a mom, and neither do likes! But it's something you have to remind yourself often, because sometimes after 100 likes you're feeling like the Queen of England.

10. Last but certainly not least, you make it a point to say that your feed are just highlights of your life, and not 100% of it! Because the rest of it does not fit into a perfect little square.

I consider myself an IG Mom, and sometimes likes to poke fun at myself too! And I suggest that when reading these you do so with a sense of humor, or you might take it the wrong way. After all you should never take your self too seriously especially as a mom!